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  • 5 things that Yoga taught me

    I used to think that yoga was simply a series of basic stretches combined with a chorus of omm-ing in a seated position at the end of class. I often thought to myself, “why would anyone put themselves through such torturous boredom?”How wrong I was. Fast forward a few years on, now I can’t stop p... View Post
  • Yoga: My Catalyst For Change

    Like most people I had tried the odd class at the gym but had bought into the myth that there were 2 types of yoga: 1. A boring class for older ladies to gently stretch.2. The kind for gymnasts, contortionists and the super flexible. 3 years ago a studio opened up right next to the office I was w... View Post
  • I am a Yoga Mom

    Searching through Instagram in the yoga community will bring you to thousands of beautiful photos with people in flawless down dogs, king pigeons and seemingly impossible inversions of all kinds. And amid all these brilliant photos, there comes across children. Babies, toddlers and kids ranging i... View Post