How Yoga Saved My Ass

It´s Wednesday Morning and I am sitting in my living room, writing this blog… drinking my coffee, thinking about the videos which my best friend Monja and I have made yesterday at the haven. When I see myself flowing in this little spots, I have much inner work… especially in my mind. What do I see?

Let me start another way to answer this question.

I am Nana, a mother, daughter, friend, coworker and everything else what a woman can be. I am also a detail lover. I think I see the world a little bit different to the most people. That doesn´t make me better or worse than others… this is just the proof that everyone is different… and I love that!

Difference. That is the point.

Even as children we´ve learned how beautiful this world is… and what is it that makes this world so beautiful? The diversity! Right? And diversity means, everything is different. Of course, there are many things which are similar, but the most are different. Everything looks different. Even with identical twins, you can see differences. Even two people see one and the same thing differently. But when did those differences gone worse?

It´s just in our heads and in our comparisons.

So if I hate my body, it´s only because I compare it as it should be. Why do I do that? Why do we compare? I think it´s unnecessary. There´s no reason. Our minds build reasons. Tell me, why do you want to look like anyone else? Like the model at the magazines? Like the Beauty queen at school?

Let me tell you… there´s even a human who sees YOU and thinks “Why can´t I look like her/him?”. I promise that´s the truth.

So let me answer my question now… I have so much inner work cause I feel the same pain. I see me being not like the way I think I have to look… My thoughts rise higher and higher with all the bad allegations to myself…

Here´s the moment, where Yoga helped me in every way. With yoga my thoughts calm down, my body balances again and my mind gets more and more the strength it needs. In this world, we get so many impulses which pull us in all directions. There are so many moments in life where we have to make huge decisions. At those moments my mind answers me with love and benevolently let me finish the inner turmoil.

It doesn´t make life much easier but it made me stronger in every way.

- Nana

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